Despegando Shared Reading Program Overview

Using a Shared Reading Approach

Despegando hacia la lectura™ will support young students as they develop the attitudes, understandings, skills, and strategies they need to become successful readers.

Help your students to:

  • Enjoy rich texts in a highly supportive environment
  • Think and talk about books
  • Develop an understanding of how books work
  • Expand their oral vocabulary.

The program consists of 18 shared books with matching student versions. Reading Pens provide easy-to-use audio support as students independently listen and read along to the text of the student versions.

Despegando hacia la lectura™: Un enfoque de lectura compartida is organized into three topic sets:

  • Mi familia y yo
  • En el mundo
  • Seres vivos

Each book links to and extends the key vocabulary of a Vocabulary Starter, allowing teachers to begin a conversation and explore the vocabulary related to the specific topic of the book.

Develop early literacy skills through rhyme, rhythm, repetition and highly predictable texts!

Your students will:

  • enjoy reading together and revisiting familiar books again and again
  • begin to recognize and read high-frequency words
  • build knowledge of key vocabulary
  • understand conventions of print.

The Teaching and Learning Sequence

Introducing the shared book

The teacher shares the book with the students, talking about the title, author, and illustrator, and briefly highlights what the book will be about. The teacher then reads the book to the students.

Revisiting the shared book

The teacher and students revisit the book, with the students being encouraged to join in the reading as the book becomes familiar. Where appropriate, the teacher focuses on teaching specific foundational skills. The teacher introduces the linking Vocabulary Starter to open up a conversation and explore the vocabulary and content related to the book.

Listening and reading along

The students work individually with a matching Small Book and a Reading Pen. Students listen to and follow along with the text. This is an excellent support for English Language Learners.